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shadowlands offers a vibrant, stimulating concept environment where civic-minded neighbors, community members, total strangers, and soon-to-be friends cross paths.


the exclusive oak bound books collection alongside a learners' library of perennial favorites are intended to help invigorate deeper, more substantive discussion around what it means to be american in the twenty-first century. in what ways do we connect and share common ground? how do our diverse family histories and ethnic backgrounds merge into a holistic identity, unique in the world, with special — perhaps also burdensome — benefits and responsibilities?

also, what's the trick to navigating it all while maintaining a joyful outlook, stirring heart, and radiating hope in the future, as befitting leaders and role models for the next generation? our desire is that a convention of open minds embracing a new, evolving, more inclusive, durable national ethos, connecting in physical space, however briefly, might draw us a bit closer to the answers, each of which reflects experiences both intensely personal and political by their very nature.


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