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for our kids & grandkids

reimagining america

a reckoning and re-emergency

a crisis of constitution

why? (fairest distribution of wealth)


heinous precedents,

a juris prudence

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The purpose of these books is promotion of civic engagement and critical evaluation of media sources in all demographic groups, cutting across race, gender, age, political affiliation, and other artificial barriers. They're intended to help spur more balanced, productive conversation within the home, workplace, school, university, retirement community, and religious institutions. The process of intaking even short segments encourages readers to reconnect with critical thinking skills that are assaulted on a daily basis by media sources, many of which make their fortunes off the presentation of divisive entertainment in the guise of breaking news.

OAK BOUND BOOKS’ joyous labor involves clawing, digging, and pawing around to disinter, uncover, and dust off hidden stories, lost truths, and obscured achievements, with an underlying belief system that never wavers: when presented with a full, honest set of facts to represent the nuanced landscape that is our collective human history from ancient times to the present day, even small children are capable of drawing their own valid viewpoints —- mostly unique and probing, often inspiring and illuminating, occasionally puzzling or entertaining —- all of which have their roots in personal lived experience, and are employed to fuel the root engine driving both good deeds and heinous high crimes undertaken by a family of organisms known broadly on earth and to the heavens above as Homo erectus:  (MAN).