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as a result of my deviant neighbors' complaint to twitter, my account there was terminated. this space may be utilized for random thoughts, organized in no particular order without any great deliberation as to deep significance or impact, since all posts will be deleted in short order, with an equivalent to the reader’s experience being an uninvited intruder’s impressions of a person if barging into our brains at moments of high emotion, when verbal venting and other self-expression may be the best, healthiest recourse to inanities of a brand particular to the human species.

the much ballyhooed michigan versus ohio state matchup didn’t disappoint, on the contrary, the energy packed into the big house was frankly insane, more exciting and explosive than anything i’ve witnessed in a single football contest for quite some time.

as for the credit, it should be spread liberally, the defenders played their hearts out, every one of them, mostly to be relegated to anonymity in terms of a larger nationwide press but deserving of individual mention, the same as the entire cadre of impressive linebackers enabling the heroics of that dazzling running back with the multiple scores, while the team’s offensive playcalling was spectacular.

as for the younger, goofy harbaugh brother, though making the typical novice postgame error of laying all approbation on two superstars already to be overpraised by sportswriters and local media, bounding about with puffed-up egos sure to inspire only irritation and resentment from mates in the locker room, at least his job seems to be (temporarily) secured from unceremonious firing, as he improves his record against this rival to one win after five straight prior losses.

i wasn’t able to catch anything but a glimmer of ‘the match’ theatrics, but am happy to see the apparent rebounding victory for brooks koepka, the literal embodiment of what would be drawn up to represent the pinnacle of the golfing world’s idea of divine flawlessness, beautiful face, perfectly toned, sleek body, preference for understated yet appropriately prep school-elitist attire, arrogance that won’t be tempered by a solid year of awful tournament play, etc. perhaps he can take this feeling into the year 2022, motivating himself with the thought that every brilliant drive, precision wedge, and long-putt perfectly sunk is another slap in the face of his repugnant enemy, “the scientist,” so maddeningly deliberate, as fussy and fastidious as a drooling brat still swathed in pampers.

brooks koepka to bryson dechambeau: “not gonna lie, just wanted to spank you.” bryson dechambeau to brooks koepka: “not gonna lie, just wanted you to spank me.” 

bryce young was just as advertised, quite a moment for alabama's star quarterback in what feels destined as a heisman year for the senior, another outstanding collegiate player mature beyond his years.

nick saban keeping his team in contention for a college playoff championship title is merely par for the course in a long career of virtually uninterrupted triumphs, while the crimson tide head coach’s general attitude and light-heartedness feel a tad different from his usual demeanor, far more appealing at least for this spectating fan.

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