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this space may be utilized by the author periodically for expression of random thoughts, organized in no particular order without any great deliberation as to deep significance or impact, since all posts will be deleted in short order, with an equivalent insofar as the reading experience is concerned being an uninvited intruder’s impressions of a person if barging into our brains at moments of high emotion, when verbal venting and other manner of harmless release may be the best, healthiest recourse to inanities of a brand particular to the human species.

why does sean hannity keep this fawning little hussy on his podcasting program, are we truly to believe he’s engaged in rapidfire late night binge-texting activities on a regular basis with such a non-entity, for the prompt of such non-news as these midterm elections (yawn)….
this person is of such low intellect, words couldn’t possibly be sufficient to denouncing her entire persona, from a morning’s “hello” to “good night,” every single molecule of her body aching for the thick daddy cock, another sip at the garden of eden’s wretched ever-abundant springing geyser of infamy, spewing fluids every which way and asunder, the very embodiment of the worst, most despicable formulation of a daddy’s girl possible to be conceived.
otherwise the programming is incredibly fascinating, because mr. hannity’s preparatory regimen clearly involves inhaling rather substantial quantities of cocaine or other stimulant, how else to explain his nonsensical rambling? quite amusing, even delightful at times, if so often totally boneheaded in the specific viewpoints offered. i wonder, does sean hannity think that his irish ancestors arrived in the united states of america with “enough money” to take care of themselves, thus justifying his current “super conservative, tough as nails” position that, so long as a person’s got sufficient dough, he won’t balk at their skin color, place of origin, or really, any other trait at all, including criminal background, character, etc. just wondering.
actually, for better or worse so far as this country is concerned, a 75:25 balance of white vs minorities i.e., the all-powerful, never-shutting-up people of color contingent, so adamant about their lower stance one might think they’re wedded to this bentknee position for life (and, so it is!), is a fundamental trademark that for all people’s sake, better not be mucked around with, barely a half percentage plus or minus.
now, a lot of people might think that sounds creepy and horrible. so, they track numbers of spawning salmon by the individual fish, know almost precisely the total worldwide population of snowy owls by their tagging and tracking activities, yet we’re to believe they haven’t intimate knowledge of just exactly what each and every humanoid is up to, at all times?
everybody loves hating on “rich white men” so much, “white supremacists,” even the entire “white race,” what in the world would happen if they were to dissipate to near obscurity, who then would we have for pointing of fingers in rage?
p.s. congratulations to alex ocasia-cortez on the broadcast nuptials, must be exciting to have such a public life. by the way, not a soul on earth with eyes and ears operating for themselves believe you give a damn about the environment or anything else not directly revolving around your warped existence, low-class demeanor, and self-serving frames of reality.
dumb. dumb. dumb. american politics, world affairs, the news entertainment industry, all of it makes me sick to my stomach.

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