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MISSION STATEMENT: #NotUs for Civic Literacy builds civic engagement and combats voter apathy by developing unique print, online, and in-person workshop resources for community use starting at the earliest ages, including primary to secondary school education and beyond.

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Sunday Orphans' Salon

first Sundays, 4-6pm

temporarily suspended

'how to' sessions led by craftspersons, writers, musicians, stage performers, visual artists, gardeners, journeymen, healers, psychics, home cooks, and other human treasures, often unrecognized amongst us while working relentlessly to refine their craft. what are some factors that have driven their passion and commitment? how have they overcome major obstacles? what toolset would be needed for others to explore a similar pursuit, even in just a casual, hobbyist fashion?

the underlying intent is to provide an intimate salon atmosphere in which artist and the public interact directly. participants gain meaningful insight into the physical effort, financial investments, emotional energy, and intellectual study required to achieve excellence in a profession.

sunday, april 5

introducing houkiboshii


long weekend in...

first weekend in February / last weekend in August

temporarily suspended

explore the greater bay area. limited shared housing available. otherwise we recommend a hotel and with sufficient confirmation endeavor to obtain a lower group rate for attendees. planned events are all optional, and include excursions, meals, and evening outings.

rsvp for shared housing requires a deposit. aside from that, total cost is whatever you spend for transportation, housing, meals, and entertainment.

August 28-31, 2020: reno, nevada 

February 6-9, 2021:  santa rosa


"i wanna be like jennifer lawrence", the star-gazing party

second Sunday of the month, 4-6pm

temporarily suspended

we give ourselves and others the right to rebrand ourselves.

whoever you decide you want to be, is who you become. participants pick a celebrity name that appeals to them and adopts attributes of that person for their new identity. take turns throwing out various relationship connections and brief, playful skit scenarios. whoever hits it off as potential pals may opt for a modest, strolling distance dinner date after the cafe closes down. the rest is up to you!

WHAT IF... the earth is flat, a role-playing party

third Friday of the month, 4-6pm

temporarily suspended

we agree that up is down, black is white, left is right. right is wrong.

the point of this affair is to drop all preconceived notions and allow ourselves to hold whatever random, bizarre, and outlandish belief we desire, while affording others that same freedom. after picking a belief card, participants take turns presenting their case as to why it's true, then it's argued openly in a respectful manner. whoever hits it off as potential pals may opt for a modest, strolling distance dinner date after the cafe closes down. the rest is up to you!

Modified Improv Party

fourth Saturday of the month, 4-6pm

temporarily suspended

we accept that humans are messy, contradictory, strange yet often lovable beings.

participants pick cards that indicate offbeat, humorous characteristics, which are taken on as their own. traits are utilized as entry points to finding out more about one other, conversing and asking questions in a non-judgmental, curious fashion. whoever hits it off as potential pals may opt for a modest, strolling distance dinner date after the cafe closes down. the rest is up to you!


exquisite corps(e)

Fridays, 4-6pm

temporarily suspended

in which mature adults meet and freely discourse on taboo topics that relate to modern relationship building: inside family units, between individuals, and with our own bodies. healers and therapists to body workers, fitness experts, and others are all welcome to attend and promote their work.

Casual READING Club

Saturdays, 2-4pm

temporarily suspended

come to listen and read aloud. share something you've composed or a passage that moved you.

local and visiting writers, poets, spoken word gurus, and others are especially encouraged to join and read from their polished or in-progress writing.

#NotUs, a community roundtable

Saturdays, 4-6pm

temporarily suspended

a wide range of guests are called upon to come and present their work, whether in the form of music, visual art, or dance, thereby spurring discussion on its context, meaning, and significance.

doubles as a casual hangout and pickup spot / safe space for fun foreplay involving couples, couples looking for additions, singletons, and abstainers seeking uninhibited, lightly suggestive social interactions. filtered for those with the mental stamina to engage in a lively, cordial debate, whilst checking out potential new connections. nb: cis male advances are frowned upon; playful (meaningless!) female-initiated flirtation is encouraged. attractive male bodies may be openly objectified, so please dress appropriately.

civic literacy forum

Sundays, 4-6pm

temporarily suspended

gather to share personal stories around the theme of 'the american experience' as a polylithic, amorphous, still evolving underbelly of our social fabric. scholars, casual historians, teachers, bibliophiles, and others encouraged to join with intriguing podcast snippets, newspaper clippings, and blog posts to help facilitate a substantive discussion.