Sunday Orphans' Salon

first Sundays, 4-6pm

open to the public

'how to' sessions led by craftspersons, writers, musicians, stage performers, visual artists, gardeners, journeymen, healers, psychics, home cooks, and other human treasures, often unrecognized amongst us while working relentlessly to refine their craft. what are some factors that have driven their passion and commitment? how have they overcome major obstacles? what toolset would be needed for others to explore a similar pursuit, even in just a casual, hobbyist fashion?

the underlying intent is to provide an intimate salon atmosphere in which artist and the public interact directly. participants gain meaningful insight into the physical effort, financial investments, emotional energy, and intellectual study required to achieve excellence in a profession.

sunday, march 1

introducing houkiboshii

houkiboshii is an anime artist who has rapidly gained a cult following for her adorable characters, which entice in a unique fashion - ridiculously innocent yet powerfully attractive and captivating to all. her trademark ‘ultrasoft’ linework and coloring technique are unmistakable, pulling her from the sea of typical darling anime primarily marketed to teenagers and young adults, into a special realm of the magical. indeed, her work is absolutely exquisite, and transforms how we see this genre of ‘commercial’, for-the-masses art.


in order to sustain her livelihood and enable her to focus with such intense passion, she’s launched an online community where she connects with fans, shares details of works-in-progress, and posts intriguing updates related to her personal life, which keeps supporters engaged. in return, joiners agree to give a minimum of two dollars per month, to demonstrate their loyalty and respect for the value of her output.


houkiboshii will describe her unique journey, traveling solo from a foreign country at a very young age, finding herself in truly dire circumstances, literally under attack and completely alone. how did she devise a counterplan? find out during the salon, when she explains what circumstances and good fortune enabled her to build a successful career as an independent artist with no higher training but special talent, hard work, and fierce determination not just to survive but to thrive. and exact her own brand of tantalizing, utterly irresistible sweet revenge on those who've always tried to push her down in life.

the fine print: 'never a cover, come as you are'

salons are moderated so during events, the cafe is self-service for water and snacks only. member byob.

100% of proceeds to artist