Sunday Orphans' Salon

first Sundays, 7-9pm

open to the public

'how to' sessions led by craftspersons, writers, musicians, stage performers, visual artists, gardeners, journeymen, healers, psychics, home cooks, and other human treasures, often unrecognized amongst us while working relentlessly to refine their craft. what are some factors that have driven their passion and commitment? how have they overcome major obstacles? what toolset would be needed for others to explore a similar pursuit, even in just a casual, hobbyist fashion?

the underlying intent is to provide an intimate salon atmosphere in which artist and the public interact directly. participants gain meaningful insight into the physical effort, financial investments, emotional energy, and intellectual study required to achieve excellence in a profession.

sunday, december 1

introducing Genevieve Hyacinthe

Genevieve Hyacinthe is an art historian, radical activist, feminist, trained dancer, and university professor. Dr. Hyacinthe (PhD, Harvard) has a remarkably tuned ability to relate modern pop culture with the work of icons of establishment fine arts, drawing out patterns of shared aesthetic. Her unique talent lies in bringing to light seemingly divergent examples of creative expression in a way that connects experiences of blackness and womanhood with futuristic visions that range from highly exuberant and incendiary to the wildly abstract and subtly subversive.


What does it mean to be “radically virtuous”? How do the lyrics of Kanye West relate to structures created by famed French architect Le Corbusier? What’s the relationship between the 'earth-body' sculptures of Cuban-American artist Ana Mendieta, the music of Princess Nokia, Marcel Duchamp paintings, representations of Santo Niño de Atocha, traditional Santería practices, and the arrangements of a florist in Oaxaca? She’ll walk us through her findings, and slowly explain in layman’s terms how Jean-Michel Basquiat’s prolific output has been informing everything from rap music to modern performance art since his tragic early demise over thirty years ago. She’ll also share her process of preparing a highly specialized work on an academic topic with a mainstream audience in mind, including the background required, site visits, access to private archives and museum collections, and her success obtaining sustaining research grants. 

Get a preview HERE of Dr. Hyacinthe's thoughtful approach, her incisive, provocative analysis that cuts across disciplines and time periods to provide unique insight.

the fine print: member rsvp; 'never a cover, come as you are'

salons are moderated so the cafe has water and snacks only after 7pm.

100% of proceeds to the artist.